Mentalism Masterclass XI – Hypno Effects

**This book teaches the illusion of hypnosis; you DON’T NEED to be a hypnotist to perform these mind-blowing effects.**

Hypnosis is one of the most pure and most realistic forms of mentalism. In essence, you appear to be a master of mind control, with the ability to make anyone do anything you wish.

With great power comes great responsibility.

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It’s all here: from mentalism effects with a hypnosis flair, to self-working hypnosis-esque miracles. If you have followed the rest of these masterclass volumes, you’ll know that each month is packed with effects, routines, principles, and ideas from a range of perspectives.

In this volume, there are contributions from Anthony Jacquin, Andrew Gerard, James Brown, Robert Watkins, Fraser Parker, Brandon Queen, and more!

This is another epic contribution to mentalism from Peter Turner, and is not to be missed!

eBook 175 Pages
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