Want To Work With Us?


The 13 Souls are known for creating workable, practical and flexible methods for professionals in our industry.

The products we provide are all in-depth with multiple possibilities and applications. 

This in turn will get your creative gears moving, enabling you to create powerful moments for your audiences and clients!


Do you have a great idea? But don’t have the resources to turn it into a great production?

The 13 Souls will take care of all the filming, marketing, content creation, file hosting, payment processing and order fulfilment.

All you need to do is create solid methods and we will do the rest!


Do you have an idea or project that is missing that extra “punch”? Do you feel it could be better?

Let us have a look at it and we will work with you to take the project to the stars!

We have worked with many mentalists and magicians to enhance their work before bringing it to the market.

We have also worked directly with a multitude of media networks and television companies. Also, we have consulted for movie producers to make the end result as strong as possible; with all the necessary deceptive layers to ensure that no one will backtrack the methods.

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