The 13 Souls Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Section (1): the13Souls Terms

(1)a: User Privacy

the13Souls highly values the privacy of its creators and customers, and will never sell, share, or distribute a user’s information to any other company.  When a person buys a product from a creator, the site Administrator will receive the name and email address of the customer.  However, neither the name nor email will be shared with any outside parties, and vendors who sell on the13Souls will only see the names of the people who purchased from them.

(1)b: Marketing Emails

In purchasing from the13Souls, the customer is opting in to the email list and will receive marketing emails from the13Souls.  These emails will contain primarily free tips, performing advice, and thoughts on mentalism, though will also contain announcements about upcoming and new products listed on the site.  If the customer wishes to opt-out of email marketing, they will need to simply click “unsubscribe from this list” in one of the marketing emails.

Section (2): Vendor Terms

(2)a: Registration

Any creator wishing to become a vendor or partner with the13Souls can do so by contacting the site Administrator, who will then contact Peter Turner (owner of the13Souls), and he will determine if the project is something which will be profitable for both parties.  If so, then the creator will be contacted via email, and terms of the partnership will be discussed further.

(2)b): Vendor Responsibilities

The creator (vendor) is only responsible for creating the method, making the appropriate demonstration and instructional content (unless otherwise noted in an agreement with the13Souls), and setting the price point.  In the case of physical products, the creator is responsible for shipping items to customers (again, this is dependent on the agreement with the13Souls).

(2)d: Payments to Vendors

Creators (vendors) will be paid on a monthly basis, through their PayPal account.

Section (3): Customer Terms

(3)a: Refund Policy

(3)a)i: Refunds

Refunds will be issued on a case-by-case basis.  Unfortunately, the main problem with giving refunds for digital products is that there is little-to-nothing preventing people from obtaining digital files, then getting a refund, and essentially getting all the information for free.  the13Souls has safeguards in place to prevent against this kind of behavior on behalf of dishonest customers, but no system is perfect.  And it is for this reason that we reserve the terms for a refund, to keep malicious people from finding loopholes and exploiting them at the expense of the13Souls.  We also encourage customers to read reviews of previous purchasers in order to determine if a product is going to meet your expectations.

(3)a)ii: Items eligible for refund

Physical goods which arrive in a defected or damaged state are eligible for refund.

(3)a)iii: Blacklisting Customers

Every here and there, throughout the human population, there lies a malicious soul.  Customers who consistently purchase items, then demand refunds, make threats, attempt to hack the website, ask for a refund on the grounds of not liking what font was used in a PDF, or other such nonsense, will probably be blocked from ordering from the13Souls.

(3)b: Fulfillment Policy

Please allow 24 hours for products to be sent via email.  Physical goods will take longer, due to creating shipping labels, and other shipping processes.

Section (4): Items which Breach the Terms

(4)a: Fraudulent Payments

Any attempted payments using fraudulent information will cause a person to be blacklisted, and they will no longer be able to purchase from the13Souls.

(4)b: Hacking Attempts

Any attempt (successful or failed) of hacking or harming the website, vendors, or customers will result in blacklisting and possible legal action.

(4)c: Theft of Creations

Any such sharing of links and files to non-buyers is prohibited.  Uploading purchased files to torrent sites, YouTube, or other media-sharing sites will result in an investigation, and whoever is found to be the perpetrator will be blacklisted.

(4)e: Inappropriate Conduct

the13Souls does not promote nor hold responsibility for any lewd, racist, pornographic, harassing, or otherwise offensive content.  The site Administrator does screen each product before it is approved for sale, and comment before posting, but will not be held responsible for anything which slips through.  Responsibility lies on the individual who created the inappropriate content, and should not reflect on the13Souls.  Any complaints should be sent to the Administrator, and the issue will be dealt with quickly and privately.

(4)f):  Sharing of Customer Information

Each creator will have access to the name of each of their customers, however, it is strictly forbidden for them to share, sell, or otherwise distribute this information with anyone, without the customers’ explicit consent.  If this happens, the13Souls holds no responsibility in such disbursement of information, and will not be held accountable for the loss of privacy.  the13Souls cares about the privacy of all the customers, and anyone caught selling, sharing, or distributing information will be blacklisted and removed from the site.

Section (5): Disputes

(5)a: Disputes Over Physical Goods

Any disputes over physical goods should be first brought to the attention of the creator.  If the dispute is not settled with the creator, then full documentation as well as the description of the situation should be sent to the Administrator.

(5)b: Disputes Over Digital Goods

Any disputes over digital goods should be first brought to the attention of the creator.  If the dispute is not settled with the creator, then full documentation as well as the description of the situation should be sent to the Administrator.

(5)c: Handling Disputes

If the dispute is not handled at the creator (vendor) level, it should then be brought to the attention of the Administrator.  The Administrator will then contact the creator (vendor) and the customer and work to resolve the issue.

Section (6): Modifications

(6)a: Modifications to this Agreement

The13Souls reserves the right to make modifications or additions to this agreement at any time, for any reason.  If the use of personal data of the customers ever changes, then the customers will be made aware of the changes.  Privacy is very important to us, and we dislike when our personal information is shared or sold between other magic companies, thus, we will not engage in such activity with our customers, even when it may be beneficial for business.

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