Mentalism Masterclass VII – Psychological Forces


The 7th Volume of Mentalism Masterclass is here! So far, Vol 1. Psychological card forces was the most successful eBook of the series. Based on that, Peter Turner decided to dedicate one more volume of Psychological Forces. Volume 7 covers how to force places, numbers,countries, names, and even imaginary dice throw outcomes.

In this volume, there are many contributions by other mentalists. You will learn routines from Morgan Strebler, Pablo Amira, Sean Waters, Art Vanderlay and Rus Andrews. In addition, Peter gives additional commentary for all the routines.

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Techniques Included:

  • Piggybacking Principle
  • Forcing places / countries
  • The pause and restrict principle
  • Creating Psychological Forces
  • Invisible Dice Force
  • Psychological force on a name
  • The Wash Principle
  • The increment force
  • The Nando’s Principle
  • Outs for psychological forces
  • Utilizing Mathematical means to create psychological forces
  • Lead and pace

But it doesn’t end there! This volume contains many routines utilizing the above techniques.

Routines included:

  • Surreal Book by Pablo Amira
  • The Wonderland Principle by Mirjin Al Hajri
  • Red Triangle by Seamus Maguire
  • Sticky by Morgan Strebler
  • Psychological Force by Rus Andrews
  • Celebrity Deathmatch by Jose Prager
  • Corridor by Sean Waters
  • The Memory of Trees by Art Vanderlay

80 pages
Instant Download

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