Mentalism Masterclass VIII – Character Building and Storytelling

Welcome to the 8th Volume (and one of the most interesting) of Peter Turner’s Mentalism Master Class. This volume is filled to the brim with thoughts on character building and storytelling.

£20.00 £15.00


In this volume Peter Turner talks about the following topics:

– Why is Finding Your Character so Important?
– Do You Have to Tell Stories in Your Act?
– How to Construct a Story
– Philip Larkin’s Rule of Thirds
– Do People Believe it?
– What Makes Someone Fake?
– Being Believable
– PDE vs. MDE
– The Fortune Cookie
– Little Metaphorical Moments
– Beautiful Symphony
– The Approach
– The Shakes

This is a 49-page PDF instant download with some of the most (if not the
most) valuable information on this topic. It’s highly recommended for anyone who wants to be a better performer and have a believable character.

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