Streamlining the Signs – by Mitchell K

The star sign divination is easily one of the most sought after routines in any mentalist’s arsenal – and for good reason! Routines like these, when done right, resonate with people, and is arguably one of the strongest pieces of mentalism one could perform…

Ever since debuting this star sign divination in his act at the MINDS convention in summer of 2019, Mitchell received countless messages asking where people could find out more… here it is!



Streamlining the Signs very quickly has become Mitchell’s go to star sign divination – its very rare for him to perform using a different method! Back in the spring of 2019, Mitchell began video calling fellow mentalists, and performing what they heralded as ‘the cleanest divination of a star sign’ that they have ever seen. No awkward processes, no mental gymnastics, no anagrams, you don’t even have to throw out any letters if you don’t want! This even works in ANY LANGUAGE!* If a psychic were to directly read someone’s mind for their star sign, this is how it would look. Simple. Conversational. Direct.

This little f&^%er is devious. I watched this and kept smiling. Brilliant.
Phedon Bilek

The techniques within this massive project are plenty – this isn’t just a 20 minute download teaching how to guess someone’s star sign… this is a masterclass! Mitchell and the 13 souls host fully divulge into their ideologies and various methods for performing impactful, mentalism. From hanging statements, to reductive processes, all the way to readings – everything needed to complete a propless mentalist’s toolkit will be found here. Brand new, innovative ideas are presented, that will change the way that you think about propless mentalism. Everything is taught in immense detail, from the ground up.

This is THE hottest sh@# on Star Signs right now. Mitchell fooled me with this consistently for weeks until he shared the first version with me. Since then, it’s been reworked, redefined and is just nuts. It looks and more importantly FEELS real every time!
Aidan O Sullivan

ALSO included, is a bonus routine that we are very excited to share with you! This could very easily be it’s own, independent release, but instead it’s here, for you to learn and perform. This routine has also gained a reputation for itself, becoming a well weathered piece in several mentalist’s performances. We shall leave this a mystery… but you DO NOT want to miss this highly sought after project. It is finally here… this, is streamlining the signs!

All of the following quotes are taken from seasoned mentalists who saw this routine:

Heck, I’ll throw my two cents in. As a stand-alone star sign reveal this is one of the best things anyone will ever see. For close up impromptu star sign guesses, this will be one of my two go-to’s.
Tomek Grudzinski

All I can say is WOW! I love what he showed me! When he performed it to me, he was literally able to tell me my star sign in a few seconds! I hadnt’ told him anything. I gave nothing away and he was able to get it with literally no process???
Kassim Beydoun

This is super devious! It felt smooth as hell, and really fair! The way you frame the mind reading is priceless, and it almost could be sold as a standalone thing. It makes me ashamed of how I’ve been using the techniques that you do so much better!
Adrien Lochon

*providing traditional propless techniques work in your language.

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