PropNess – Chris Jones



Hi Everyone,

It’s Chris Jones from the 13 souls.

Good pieces of “Prop-less Mentalism” are so hard to come by, finding a reliable method that is not long winded and doesn’t require lots of memory work is near impossible.

Hell, it is as elusive as capturing the ‘Loch Ness Monster’.

I honestly believe I’ve captured the ‘Holy Grail’.

It’s simple and elegant – your audience can think of a word, a name, a playing card, country, colour in-fact they can choose the category and you can tell them exactly what they’re thinking with ease.

No memory work required…

No weird process…

No ambiguity…

If you wanted to look like you can genuinely read minds here’s your solution.

I believe I’ve captured the elusive Beast – This is “PropNess” the ‘Holy Grail’ of prop-less Mentalism.

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