In The Name Of Bob – Reese Goodley



Download 2 in my video download series- produced through Peter Turners 13 souls production.

In the name of Bob-

Being a huge Cassidy fan/ follower since the beginning of my mentalism career my next download is completely inspired by this legend himself.

Effect: The participant is told that you (the performer) had a feeling that you were going to meet them on that particular day. So sure that you were going to meet them you made a prediction that proves this is the case.

The participant is handed a mobile phone with last years diary open containing a list of people who the performer met the year before. It is explained to the participant that not all dates are filled out.

The participant is instructed to go through the diary verifying that all the names are different and turn to their date of birth. They are told that if their date of birth is on a date that is empty they can make any name up.

They arrive at their date verifying that each name is different on that page also.

They are asked to call out the name of the client that was met on the participants birthday.


The performer hands the participant a prediction that was pointed out right at the start of the performance. It is opened and reads “On your birthday last year I visited Neil”.

Proving that the performer knew in advance the date that the participant was going to select.

– The participant can choose any date and you can predict it 100% of the time.
– Prediction can be physical or self contained (on the mobile phone) meaning you don’t need to carry anything outside of your phone.
– Not restricted to names, we provide you with the means to perform this for playing cards, places and drawings.
– In-depth explanations on how to create your own categories with ease using provided templates.
– THIS IS SELF-WORKING. It literally comes ready to perform, this is not an app but a series of pre-made diaries for you to be able to perform the aforementioned effects.
– Perfect for a quick impressive piece of mentalism! Powerful and straightforward with no thinking needed. Your phone literally does all of the work for you.

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