Mentalism Masterclass XII – Prop-less Mentalism

This is the 12th Volume of Peter Turner’s Mentalism Masterclass.

The master of Prop-less Mentalism now offers a full series in this topic.

With contributions from Fraser Parker, Pablo Amira, Thaddius Barker and more!

£20.00 £15.00


The definition Peter offers for “prop-less mentalism” is this: the participant never writes anything down and the only time the mentalist writes anything is to reveal information.

Peter has tried to make the material as sure fire as possible (not chancy or bold), whilst keeping the process as small as possible – No long winded or drawn out presentations. If the presentation isn’t as quick as utilizing more traditional methodology, then it isn’t in here!

Some of Peter’s more private mentalism routines that can be done over the phone and via Skype are hinted at. Anyone who has read the past volumes knows that he puts a lot of information into these volumes to ensure that they are as in-depth as possible.

He even tips his close up Q&A routine!

Even if Prop-less mentalism isn’t your thing, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised with this and it might change your thoughts on the power of the topic.

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