Devil in Disguise 1 Limited Edition – Peter Turner



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  • 2 DVD set
  • Over five hours of content (Includes main content spanning over 3.5hrs plus 2hrs of bonus content)
  • Only 250 copies will be made available for world wide sale
  • All copies will be signed and numbered by Pete prior to shipping
  • All owners will have access to a top secret private forum to discuss the content
  • Anticipated release May 2013

Peter Turner has a rather unique approach to mentalism and so when he approached Magicbox to produce his DVD set we naturally jumped at the chance.
Since each of Pete’s set performance pieces contain so many revelations and nuances we knew instantly that these would not be your typical performance/explanation style DVD’s.

After countless phone calls and text messages we decided the best way to capture all of this material would be to hold a one of a kind master class during which Pete could literally open up his soul lifting the lid on his best kept secrets.  With a date set we gathered a select group of mentalists and psychic performers and took them to a top secret location within the U.K for a one of a kind event.

Without the cover of any flashy backdrops without the sexy girls and fancy frills Pete laid bare the real work and shared some of the most amazing mentalism principles, ideas and routines ever created. His educated audience asked the questions which you the viewer would ask yourself ensuring that no stone was left unturned.

The results of this marathon session have finally been edited and put together and were confident that you will love the result just as much as we do!

Check out some of the devastating material covered within the set:

Getting to Know You: In Pete’s opening routine he teaches not only a method for making playing cards metaphorically relevant within a mind-reading demonstration but also goes further to tip the real work on his “fail safe” system for revealing the inner most thoughts of your spectators.

The Bob Principle: Imagine a system in which you can whisper the most private of details to your spectator and have them confirm that you are correct. This system can be used for Star Signs, PIN numbers, Memories and more and is only limited by your imagination. Imagine all of this without any pre-show, nothing is ever written down period!

Isabella Star: For the very first time on video Pete walks you through his close-up handling of this amazing routine which allows you to reveal the exact date of birth of a stranger without having anything spoken and without anything being written down. This is the routine was one of the most talked about parts of the “Portugal Clip” see link (here)

My Take on a Classic: This routine combines several principles to deliver and astonishing series of mind reading revelations. If you ever wanted to get inside someone’s head and reveal GENUINE memories then you do not want to miss this Pete will show you several ways of taking some of mentalisms most classic effects, elevating them into a moving experience for your spectator.

Credit Card Routine #1: You turn away and request that the spectator remove any credit/debit card from their wallet. The spectator is then requested to memorise several numbers from the card and is then further requested to hide the numbers from view. Without peeking at any point you now turn to face the spectator and begin to reveal their thoughts with amazing accuracy.

Credit Card Routine #2: You will also be treated to one of Pete’s closest guarded secrets in which he will demonstrate a method for revealing genuinely thought of numbers which culminates in the reveal of a full bank account number from a card which has never left the spectators possession. No peeks no glimpses, no pre-show, you need not even be in the same room as the spectator. During this routine you are also able to reveal the minds of several other spectators with amazing accuracy.

Dealing with Hecklers: This is the definitive work on dealing with problem spectators and includes Pete’s amazing response to the inevitable question “If you can read minds then what am I thinking of right now?”. Pete also details several ways in which you can handle and awkward spectator, get them on side and even involve them as part of your show. After hearing Pete’s thoughts on this subject you will be forever prepared for any challenge!

Broken Heart: This is a stunning principle for the close up mentalist which allows you to seemingly predict the impossible. With this technique under your belt your ready to read minds any time any place anywhere!

Duel Reality Close-Up: Duel reality effects are often avoided by the close up mentalist however Pete Turner will shed new light on this grey area offering you a fresh perspective. Pete will highlight real word experiences which will prove to you once and for all that “Duel” reality DOES work in a close up environment.

Emotional Relevance: You will also be taught various ways in which you can enhance any reveal, generating more emotion, more hits and above all create a lasting impression for your audience.

With all of this covered and so much more this will without a doubt be one of the most talked about DVD sets ever produced!!!

Bonus Content:

As an added bonus we have also been able to include a rare video interview with Pete during which Colin McCleod asks such questions as “How did Pete first become interested in mentalism?”,”What inspires his creativity”,“How does he make an emotional connection with his audience”. This interview alone contains an amazing wealth of information, ideas and principles.

We have also included the full break down PDF of Pete Turner and David Sena’s amazing “Isabella Star” routine. This may be used as a reference tool for learning the full routine which is also performed and explained upon the DVD set.  Note: This also includes his work on using this close up; these details were not previously made available in the original which is on sale for £18/$28.

Pete’s rise to fame coincided with his original audio interview which was part of Ken Dynes “Confessions of Real Mind Readers”. This audio interview/mini-lecture has been graciously been included within this project for your listening pleasure thanks to the generosity of Ken Dyne.

Here are a few quotes from the Pro’s:

“I watched peter turner perform, he’s amazing! He performed mental mind reading through which he astonished me with the accuracy of his intuitive powers. He looks cool, modern and he’s down to earth. There is no doubt in my mind that he will fascinate you! I highly recommend him” – Uri Geller

“Peter is at the forefront of a new generation of mentalists to whom, in a very real sense, the torch has been passed. When you’ve tried Peter’s material, I’m sure you’ll agree that the torch is in the right hands” – Bob Cassidy

“One of the most natural, realistic mentalists of our time, I am proud to call him my Student. Peter understands the important principles of adjustment, listening, Dual Reality and word power. That’s quite a set of tools and Peter applies these to construct his performance, so it looks not to be one. Or any part thereof” – Kenton Knepper

“Peter Turner’s ideas are not only fresh, edgy and provocative but when used correctly they simply leave an audience with no choice but to believe that one can genuinely crack into craniums. I for one applaud him” – Keith Barry

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