Subliminal – Jacob Smith

In a demonstration of how to cheat at cards, and using a borrowed deck, you will appear to influence the participant into dealing you a desirable hand.

Subliminal is one of those special effects which bridges the gap between a card trick and true mentalism.



Playing cards in mentalism is one of the biggest debates to ever rock our community.

Join Jacob as he takes you on an adventure into the Glenn Helen of Yellow Springs, Ohio and he reveals his favourite answer to the playing cards in mentalism “problem.”

Subliminal is guaranteed to be a go to effect every time you are handed a normal or inferior deck of cards where you want to highlight an ability that is actually useful in the minds of your audience.

Join Jacob on his first adventure with 13 Souls Productions as he shows you one of the pieces that he uses to bridge the gap from a card trick into true mentalism.

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