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Talks Over Tea Episode 1

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“Talks Over Tea” is a series where Peter invites a series of guests from outside the mentalism community to share the tips and insights they have acquired through years of hard work that you can utilise to make you a better creator and performer.

This week Peter sat with Stephen Gadsby, one of the U.K’s leading salesmen, where we discuss how to stop pre-performance anxiety, tricks to help with confidence, how to build your brand, create a character and then how to sell that character to get shows.

Stephen is that confident in his sales abilities that we asked him to put his money where his mouth is and cold call a venue to try book a gig as a magician … even though he’s never performed a single effect in his life!

“I sit in the chair and add my tips and tricks to make this episode one of the best downloads I feel we have to offer.” – Peter Turner

This is PACKED with gold and we highly recommend this.

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