For No One – Jacob Smith



Imagine being able to do two of the most popular effects in mentalism …
but in reverse.

“For No One” is so much more than another star sign divination or name reveal. It’s a perfect blend of psychological and classical methods that allow your spectators to be the star.

You hand your spectator an envelope which you claim has something inside for someone that doesn’t even really exist.

They hold the envelope between their hands, think of a letter and finally a name of who it would be, then guess that person’s star sign.

You open the envelope to reveal that all the star signs are inside, which gets a laugh.


You show definitively that they have guessed 100% correctly on the star sign by the markings on the back of the cards.
Finally …

You turn the envelope around to show who it is addressed to, which is also 100% correct!

The best part is that you are reset to do it all over again!

  • No assistants.
  • No pre-show.
  • No difficult handling.
  • No writers.
  • No special ink.

Only “For No One”.

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