Told You So

What is it?

A star sign divination.

Before you groan, that was exactly Reese Goodley’s opinion – before he learnt it.

So what makes this star sign divination different to the rest.

It’s logical and makes sense for one – No need to fish for letters or use dodgy anagrams or numerology.

The main difference between this and other divination systems is that when the audience are watching this effect there are no mention of star signs – You give the spectator a very brief reading and then you tell them.

In fact, if you don’t believe us, watch this performance:

Another key difference with this system is that there are no obscure processes everything is self contained and justified.

We provide everything you need to get out and start doing it the moment you pick this up.

  • No awkward fishing
  • Can be performed in under a minute
  • Logical

Most importantly it’s easy to perform and personal to the spectator.

There isn’t much else needed to be said about this effect, it speaks for itself.



“I’m going to be using this to replace my star sign divination, it’s that good”. – Peter Turner

Here’s another performance of the effect:


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