Down The Rabbit Hole – Reese Goodley


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Down the Rabbit Hole – Reese Goodley

Many years ago the idea of plucking a long word from a participant’s mind seemed like a pipe dream. Then came “The Mother of All Book Tests”. Undoubtedly one of the cleverest resources to achieve that desired result with little compromise. An insanely creative idea from an incredibly creative performer.

Imagine for a few seconds being able to perform that effect, with no book! The participant thinks of a long and interesting word and you can divine it in under one minute. The participant never writes anything down, they do not choose their word from a list – They create the word in their own mind and without any suspicious fishing you tell them what it is. More importantly there is no heavy mental acrobatics for the participant. This is that clever it can even be done over the phone!

The 13 souls are proud to present Reese Goodley’s linguistic system to achieving this.

This is “Down the Rabbit Hole”.

A limited edition booklet containing a prop-less system created by one of mentalism’s underground stars – With complimentary video content of performances and extra subtleties to compliment the booklet!

“I added a bonus routine and a fail-safe take on this incredible plot in this booklet and whilst it’s cliche to say … I wish I’d created it!.”

– Peter Turner

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